2018 Open House-Registration Closed

Please, join us for an Open House and learn about our children's language program, including academics, events, tuition, etc.  To accommodate all our applying families, there will be two Open House sessions on March 3, 2018. One session will begin at 2PM and is going to be carried out in the Czech/Slovak language. Another session will take place at 3:30 PM in English only. Light refreshments for children and adults will be served. 

Open House Program will Include:

  • Opening (in classrooms)
  • Presentation for parents by the program director (in Main Hall). Q & A. During this time, all prospective students will be tested by our teachers in the classrooms.
  •  Light refreshments will be served. Parents will meet teachers for individual questions and fill out a paper enrollment application. Proof of age will be requested. At this time, children will rejoin their parents in Main Hall.  

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Initial Online Enrollment. If you have not done so, register your child for the language program on our website czechslovakculturalcenter.org under "Children's Classes Registration Form". Fill out the required fields and click "Submit". Online enrollment registration for new studens is open until Saturday, February 28, 2018.
  • Online Open House Registration. Register on our website czechslovakculturalcenter.org under "Event Registration Form" for Open House of your choosing (2 PM or 3:30 PM). Fill out all required fields and click "Submit". Do not forget to enter the number of all family members attending, including siblings who are not applying for the program. Open House registration is open until February 28 2018.
  • Proof of Age:  Children 5-14 years of age are eligible to apply. PLEASE, BRING  PROOF OF YOUR CHILD'S AGE TO THE OPEN HOUSE. Acceptable documents are birth certificate, passport, naturalization documents, or any other document containing your child's photo and date of birth.  Your child cannot be admitted in the program without it. Children who do not reach 5 years by August 31, 2018  will not be considered for enrollment.
  • Testing (during Open House). We test our prospective students only to determine their level of the target language skill.  There is no pass/fail grade. To place your child in the most appropriate setting within the program, we need to identify whether he/she is able to follow in-class instruction conducted in the target language. Children with limited knowledge will be considered for Czech/Slovak as a Forein Language classes.  Without initial testing, your child will not be considered for the program. Please note that we are not able to schedule additional test days for parents who are not able to attend Open House. 

Please note, that your participation in our Open House does not guarantee your child's placement in the upcoming 2018-19 language program. Placements are based upon spots available. We will not be able to give you any information about your child's possible placement before or at the Open House. Parents of enrolled children will be notified via email before the end of May. Tuition payment is due for newly enrolled students on or before June 30, 2018.  If tuition is not paid in full by this date, we will be obligated to give the spot to another child on the waiting list. 

See you all at our 2018 Open House!

Saturday, 3 March 2018 - 2:00pm
Czech and Slovak Cultural Center