Summer Camp 2017


The items your child needs on the 1st day of the camp:

  1. Sleeping mat and a small pillow (and a favorite plush toy-optional)
  2. Appropriate clothing and proper shoes
  3. Lunch and snacks (please note, that we will be able to heat up your child's lunch in the microwave on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. On Tuesdays, the kitchen is closed and we don't have access to the kitchen appliances. Please, send something that does not need heating, such as a sandwich).
  4. Filled water bottle (we will refill your child's bottle according to his/her need)
  5. Sun screen and a cap/hat with a visor
  6. Spare clothes (in a ziplog marked with your child's name)

All items should be marked with your child's name. Thank you for your kind help.

Items stored until the last day of camp: sleeping mat, pillow, sun screen, hat/cap, spare clothes

Please, send the following information prior to the camp:

1. Your child's pediatric doctor's name, address, phone number
2. Your emergency phone number
3. Any allergies (to medication, dairy, peanuts, milk, etc)
4. Information about your child's current health status (any illnesses or disorders we should be aware of)
5. Any other information you will find important to keep your child safe and happy throughout the camp
 We are very conscious of your child's safety throughout the camp, so please note, that your child cannot be admitted in the camp without your prior submission of the above medical information. We very much appreciate your attendance to this matter.

Camp begins on Monday at 9AM. Kindly, bring your child to the main hall located at the end of the hallway, across from the main entrance door. Address of our building is Bohemian Hall, 29-19 24th Ave., Astoria, NY 11102 and we are located one block away from the subway stop "Astoria Blvd", trains N, Q. If you are late, please call 201.496.4393.

At 9AM, there will be a short presentation in the main hall by our camp leaders who will introduce the camp program to you, including everyday activities. After the presentation, the children will begin their daily camp routine and I will be available to answer any of your questions and show you the premises of our camp.